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Time Train!!!

Life is like a train journey. From the start to the end, the track already set. Some get in at the same station as yours, some another. Some get out at the same station as you, while some don’t. But in the end, we all are on the same blessed train.

The song Time Train was one of the most staunch productions in the album; particularly the drums. Hear carefully as the drum beats mimic the actual sound of a train or a locomotive chugging along a track. First slowly, but then progressing.

The music video for this song is a ‘lockdown’ homemade video that might go down in history when someone asks me what I was doing during the 2020 pandemic. Like a time capsule, it might divulge the present times to the future while complimenting the past.

The music video of Time Train!!!

The toy train used in the video is a replica of a classic, coal-powered steam locomotive. It was a massive, black coloured, steam disgorging, and a powerful machine that almost looks like a dragon. For it also symbolizes ‘time’ running in loops as to revisit and reset on the tracks.

The passenger carriage, sitting idle while the locomotive chugs alongside many times, could be a symbol of we as humans sitting in that carriage going nowhere. While the hope remains that one day we will join this locomotive and chug forward, for now, all we have is the Time Train.

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