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Just hanging around!!!

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, just hanging around.”


I always wanted to say that, while actually hanging around on a hanging bridge.


The above was when I was on the top of the Titiwangsa Mountains in the Malayan peninsula. It is one of the most thickly vegetated mountain forests with tall trees looking ancient and creating a jungle-like terrain.


But the beauty of it was that atop the peak was a set of enormous man-made constructions, including the largest hotel in the world (First World Hotel) with the highest number of rooms in it.

Also, did I mention, that to reach this resort you will have to take one of the longest cable car rides in the world? The ride was so looooong, I even reached a point of boredom where I wished I had a book to read while sitting in the cable car. With a “give me the damn room keys” look on my jet-lagged and sleep-deprived face, I was pleasantly flabbergasted when I saw the crown of the hotel building poking from the tip of the mountain.


There is a reason it is known as the longest cable car ride in the world!!!

Reaching my modest but sufficient room, I was bowled over by the beautiful view of the mountains from the windows.


“How come there is no AC in the room?” I asked.


“You will know why, at night,” was the funny reply.


And it was indeed. The mountains got so cold at night that I was crawling into layers of bed sheets to get some good night's sleep.

Titiwangsa Mountains

But of all the things I saw there was this ‘Dinosaurland’ which looked like a mini version of Jurassic Park. It was way above any ‘it’s for the kids’ level. I actually liked it.

With an artificially made island (on a mountain), imported plants from all around the world, fossils and dinosaur effigies, a life-size t-rex to a life-size aeroplane, it did indeed evoke a scene from one of the three Jurassic Park movies.

I said Jurassic Park movies and not Jurassic World because they did not yet exist when I visited this place. It’s almost as if my pics were the inspiration for the Jurassic World mov… oh, wait!


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