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Sinking my fingers deep into the grainy sands of the Arabian Desert, feeling the midday heat on the surface, yet coolness underneath, the above pic was when I was deserted in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

The thing I like about visiting Dubai is not just those beautiful buildings and infrastructure, but its proximity to the sea and desert. A few hours of drive in a Land Cruiser and I am in the middle of nowhere in one of the most ancient and arid landscapes on the planet.

Getting the Polaris 800s ready!

I even saw genuine Bedouin villages on the way where people raise wild sheep. Who would have thought that is possible near one of the most advanced cities on Earth?


I felt like a treasure hunter, scoring the wasteland, looking for treasure. I felt like Indiana Jones mastering his way through the sand dunes. I felt like a wild creature searching for water where the only vegetation you see is small, dried-up bushes. I felt like I had met the ancient Earth.

Fluttering UAE flag. Watering up before entering the desert!

After reaching an oasis and making friends with camels, I even saw some belly dancing. I tried the ancient way of smoking hookah while sitting on a Persian carpet under a star-filled night sky.


But apart from the Land Cruiser and the Polaris 800s, I had my go at doing donuts on a four-wheel ATV.

I did all this at the age of 25. By now, even Mother Earth recognizes me. :)

A 40 sec video showing my time in the desert!


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