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On one normal sunny morning, randomly planned by one of my friends, an eventful day unfolded. Within a few hours, I was in a sports complex somewhere on the outskirts of Dubai, UAE, watching a hockey match.

The above pic was that ‘now’ moment when I was team-spirited while creating a human shadow train, standing alongside the sports field.

Believe it or not, the match was between Team USA and Team Coorg. I know, I know, I didn’t believe my friend when he said that to me either. The maximum that I could have accepted at that time was Team USA vs Team India. Coorg is just a small hill station land in the southern state of Karnataka in India. But, it was true.

See it to believe it

It was the Gulf Cup 2011 Dubai. And team Coorg had made it to the semi-finals. There were a total of three matches I saw that day – two semi-finals and a final. The other two teams were Team UAE and Team Lebanon or something, I recall.

Years have passed I don’t really remember the winners, but what I do remember is that for some crazy reason, my friend who was from Coorg too and who knew the event organizers decided to make me the Chief Guest of the match.

Yeah, I presented the awards to the team at the end.

Remember this was in 2011; I was only 25 years old. I wasn’t a writer yet, nor a musical artist yet, nor a blogger yet, nor a producer yet, nor an entrepreneur or an investor yet. But my friend stood adamant as he saw greatness in me and thought that I was cool enough to be the award presenter. LMAO!

I guess miracles do happen.

Team USA in red

A whole day of sports it was. The referee was relentless, always asking people to not step on the white line. Even the local news coverage was there.

After the event ended, at sunset, as we assembled at the taxi stand, I couldn’t but set mesmerized gazing at the amazing vista this tree created.

Good night


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