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Resurrection - Yeah, sounds like a slogan James Bond would throw in a movie.

I don’t know the exact thought process as to why I chose that word or the concept then, but it all adds up now. ‘Resurrection’ was the theme for the very first collection I designed for the fashion show during my graduation year (2006).

Walking the ramp was too mediocre for me, so I danced

Ramp dance (yeah, I started that sh*t)

To me, then, that word was the epithet for the fashion I was predicting for the future. As in, to convey that the future of fashion would boldly adopt technology that is yet to come, but will also revive that which has gone by.

From a helmet that can convert into a backpack to a trouser that gives you an illusion of three pieces floating, from an upward pointing triangle denoting masculinity to a ‘V’ denoting femininity, from shoes with wheels to whisk-by to an mp3 player on her chest to make music truly portable, from a leather skirt portraying the lifestyle of the hunter-gatherers in the past to the cave-paintings that I myself painted directly on a ladies top...

From a futuristic cut and style inspired by the British Redcoats of the past to a mask that well defined/predicted the fake persona everyone is ‘wearing’ in today’s social media, the story I told through my designs were deep.

This is precisely why my designs give the feeling of the old world seeping into the new. Remember, I designed this in 2006. I was only 20 years old, it was my first fashion show ever, I had a graduation to pass and I was competing for an award.

Oh btw, I did win an award. : )

It was all over in the local newspapers.


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