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Porsche affair!!!

Every time I travel abroad, one of the many things I usually do is take pictures of supercars. Regardless of how busy or how on the clock I may be, I always take a minute or two to pull out my camera and click pics of the supercars I come across on the streets.

I have a whole folder full of supercars of all the brands I have seen in my life. That alone is worth writing a lengthy blog about. (Next time)

But of all the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, BMWs and others, there is one car brand that secretly stalks me – Porsche!

The above is the very first Porsche that I saw for real in my life.

After the first, it kept showing

It’s like my very own female version of ‘Herbie’ or female version of “Bumblebee’ that keeps appearing around me now and then to say “It’s gonna be me”.

And I am like – “Na, you are too babyish for me”.

I mean, even the energy drink I drank when I lived in Dubai was from Lamborghini. I was obsessed with aggressive-looking supercars.

My favorite energy drink from Lamborghini

One fine day, I suddenly realized that one of my all-time favorite supercars - the Porsche Carrera GT is as same a good obsession as the BMW M3 GTR previously.

To me, a Carrera GT and a M3 GTR are almost the same. Although I have not stumbled upon a real Carrera GT yet, I truly can feel the Porsche affair.


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