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Moon’walking on water!!!

Actually it’s the Sun. But, you get the point.


Looking divine, the above was a series of pics of me as I stepped into the ocean barefoot for an early morning cool.

This was two days ago.


Letting the five senses to sense the ocean – The sense of sight to see the rippling of the waters, the sense of hearing to listen to the harmonic roar of the waves, the sense of smell to reek in the ocean whiff, the sense of taste as the ocean salt settles on your lips and tongue. But for the sense of touch, you have to get into the water; even if it means a moon’walk.

It was one of those - "is he facing the camera or away from the camera" photography moment.

My mom wanted to attend a wedding in a different city, and I wanted to make sure she was in the utmost comfort.


There were like a million places I could have been on the planet this week, but I chose to be there.


And it was fun.


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