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Monkey Business!!!

If you want to uncover, you have to go undercover. So it seems, that if you want to understand ‘monkey business’, you have to act like a monkey.

The above pic was during the early morning hours, just after sunrise, when I went to live in the present near a water reservoir. To carefully conserve a patch of rainforest within the city of Singapore, it is one of the best nature reserves I have visited so far.

One side is the water, the other side is the land!

To spend an entire morning and the afternoon in this beautiful wilderness, without the constant checking of DMs on my smartphone, I truly understood the meaning of living in the ‘now’. While I was there, taking a healthy walk along the boardwalk, almost sequestered in some deeper sections of the forest, I also got an education on the ecosystem as I came across various information boards. They were like little gems of knowledge hidden in random locations throughout the trail.

An open school!

The trees in this rainforest were so tall that one would think they had entered the land of the giants. To scale, the fallen leaves on the ground looked gigantic against the length of my feet.

And if peace, quiet and tranquillity are your thing, finding the perfect spot to just sit and read a book without the worldly fracas bothering you is not hard to find.

A perfect place to read a book, or for a writer to sit!

There were all kinds of animals too. From fishes to birds to snakes to monkeys, and something as small as algae, it was a whole animal planet.

So, getting into the ‘monkey business’ of acting like an animal in our modern world is not that hard to come by. Take a look around, you see it everywhere, especially when you step into the realm of the ‘internet’ where over-confident and overestimated creatures are being fed endlessly.

Let’s talk about the sudden hullabaloo about the impact of AI on our society. Suddenly everybody is talking about it everywhere. What are these people talking about? Artificial Intelligence has been around since I remember. As I have said in one of my previous posts – “Just like any resource in the universe, power and money are not evil, it is only truly evil in the hands of evil people.”

The same goes for AI.

It all starts with an Apple (the bus I took to the reservoir).

The very companies who have created this ‘recent’ AI are quibbling about AI, demanding to be regulated. Seems like regulation is now a ‘need’ so that they as soon as possible can ‘print, package and sell’ a new product – a product called AI.

And who do they expect to do the job in ‘need’ for them? The very people they claim AI will soon affect – Artists, writers, creators. What a load of bulls**t this is! We all know the fact that AI can affect anyone and can touch any section of our society.

AI can replace politicians/ policy-makers too, to create better governance without corruption. AI can replace religious leaders too, to be a better source without bias. AI can replace police and military too, having no need for recruitment but just a handful of morally powerful robots. AI can replace scientists too, without having to rely on mental intelligence for critical thinking. AI can replace bureaucracy too, having no need for officials. AI can replace wealthy elites too, getting rid of inequality where everyone is middle class and only AI decides who gets what based on their talent and merits. AI can replace anything and everything.

Now suddenly it sounds scary, isn’t it? Picking a soft target against artists, writers and creators only exposes the ‘monkey business’ as to who the AI is targeting.

AI cant replace nature!

And of course, AI can also replace AI itself. Someone could write and create a better and more powerful AI to replace the current AI which may be leaning too far left (or right).


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