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Man vs. Wild!!!

It all started when I was like 22, watching Discovery Channel on the TV when I saw a man trying to squeeze himself inside a dead camel’s carcass in the middle of the desert. I was like – WTF?

It was a survival show called Man vs. Wild by Bear Grylls. Remember, this was the time when people deemed you were weird simply because you watched this show, let alone do anything like it. Now, everybody (especially celebrities) is into it.

Finding pure water

Regardless, a seed of inspiration had been planted in my mind. I wanted to do something similar but in my own style. A set of folders full of pictures from these adventures that I had segregated as – Man vs Wild 1, Man vs Wild 2, Man vs Wild 3, Man vs Wild 4 and Man vs Wild 5.

Man vs. Wild 1

Like the Arc Reactor for Iron Man. Could be an inspiration… Oh, wait!

The idea was to explore little hidden wild pockets around the vicinity of Bangalore, India. The task was that I would carry one water bottle and keep treading alone in the wild. When the last drop would bead like a dew drop from the tip, I would turn back and return.

Man vs. Wild 2

Almost could be an inspiration for some movie called 127 Hours. Oh, wait!

Don’t mind the picture quality. These were taken on mobile cameras back when selfies were not a thing.

I just loved Sepia mode on my mobile camera back then. I have used this mode more than any other.

Almost could be an inspiration for an amazing Spiderman slinging his web. Oh, wait!

Man vs. Wild 3

Pony and the steed

Exploring water reservoirs and dam backwaters.

Man vs. Wild 4

The automobiles I have used for my journeys changed through the years, but the wild passion remains the same.

Man vs. Wild 5

You get a good excuse to be yourself in the wild

When the first printed copy of my first novel arrived from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, I had to find myself a unique location to read it. Although it was a spoiler for me as a writer because I already knew the story that I had written, I wanted to make the reading experience exceptional.

Almost could be an inspiration for some location on GTA 5. Oh, wait!

Before I could even pass a thought in my mind about adventures in the Himalayas, among the tallest peaks on the planet, I have passionately done all these things.

Man vs. Wild (Urban)

Nowadays I may not have time like before, and although very rare, I still do keep the tradition of ‘Man vs. Wild’ alive. But there’s a plot twist!

Now, I go on ‘Urban Scouting’. I find little pockets of urban wilderness. After all, all the wild ‘creatures’ are in the city now.


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