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Hyundai to Green Day!!!

Woke up early one morning, nothing planned, pulled a pair of jeans and a tee, sunglasses to complete the look, picked up my car keys and off I went.

It was just a long lonely drive with nothing specific on my mind. It so seemed that it turned out to be a day of green. It was a Hyun’dai to a green day.

It may not be a DeLorean, but Koreans make some good cars too; a petrol-guzzling car that can take you back in time to the 90s on a memory lane.

The drive eventually brought me to a reserved forest. I parked the car and footed into a wild walk into the woodland.

There is something about crocodiles and alligators that I find fascinating. I know they are cold-blooded animals that are known as ferocious creatures. But I love and enjoy watching documentaries about them.

I saw my first real alligator one day.

This was a few years before this green day trip. Just look at it. It’s the biggest and the broadest (fattest) alligator I have ever seen anywhere. Even on TV, I have always seen the longest one or the largest one, but this one is visibly wide for its length. This is the closest to a living breathing dinosaur we can get. And I was just a few feet above it.

It didn’t show a drop of aggression. All it did was lay warming in the sunshine. Observe how it has placed its body exactly in the shape of where the sun is spurting on the ground. It’s recharging for the day.

But on the ‘green day’, I spotted one of the rarest white tigers and even pursued it in a safari vehicle. When I took these pictures my camera lens was only a few feet behind.

I also spotted these beautiful reptiles with the thinnest mouths and the greenest skin I have ever seen. They formed a bask of crocodiles.

It was a green day indeed.


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