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Horror Hill...

One of the reviews for my song ‘Horror Hill’ is – “It’s a nice song. Only problem is, I dare not listen to it in the middle of the night, alone."

That’s the best review for the horror story I tried to project in my song. It is also the heaviest song in the album.

This above pic was taken years ago during my visit to the ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ museum. I made a daring attempt to enter the ‘Torture Museum’, which had a display of actual torture devices and mechanisms used on humans through history.

And as Ripley’s is known for, believe it not, they are factual.

This one is a display of some of the unbelievable items found inside the stomach of big sharks. Yes, that included a ship anchor, horseshoes, sizeable bones, a shovel, whole fishing net, and believe it or not a two-piece bikini of a woman. Needless to say what happened to the woman?

Feeling the horror yet???

Then this one is an actual torture mechanism used in ancient times – a coffin filled with big rusty nails inside, which was then forced shut upon criminals who were still alive. That’s how ‘justice’ was served in ancient times. Looks like now, life has become too easy and comfortable for criminals.

Although it’s a lifeless mannequin, it still shows the grisly fate!!!


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