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2019 & 2020 from space!!!

To be able to take live pictures of space and the planet on my tablet pc – now that’s one of the things I expect ‘technology’ to do if one had to consider it ‘useful’.

The above is how the planet Earth appears from the main module (Cupola) windows of the ISS (International Space Station).

Below are some more pictures I took from the ISS live camera feed.

Without the atmospheric hindrance in space, the Sun reflecting on the lens take a weird but superlative form, almost like some religious symbol!!!

The US, as seen from space at night!!!

ESA live feed. Look at that Day/Night transition on Earth!!!

The indents created by the terrain and the clouds look magical!!!

The clouds skimming over the surface, yet remember, that’s the height airplanes fly!!!

At dusk!!!

The beautiful northern lights (aurora) from space!!!

The Cupola windows again, with the Sun in the view!!!


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