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Metal to Metal!!!

They say the world is full of ‘snakes’. By that, they mean ‘people’ who are wicked.

But I wonder if the world is full of them, there got to be a ‘leader’ leading them.

Believe it or not, the above pic is perhaps the first socially acceptable ‘selfie’ in modern history. I remember taking this pic nearly 12 years ago, while on a bike ride adventure. It was the time when what I was doing was considered taboo, and I am quite tangibly breaking two of them here –

First – A solo bike journey into the wilderness at a time when going without company was considered a ‘lonely’ endeavour. Nowadays, this is a trend.

Second – Taking a selfie because genuinely I had no other options. It was at a time when taking a pic with your arm reflecting on your sunglasses was considered weird. But I knew back then that the pic was for my friends on social media who ‘already knew’ who I am and I would not be judged.

Also filters!!!

I mean, this was meant for the same people who I would meet, associate and socialize with on a Saturday evening, and then go on a bike adventure the next Sunday morning to show them that I also appreciate my solo endeavours. But damn, do I now feel like I have created a monster?

But then this particular bike ride later leads me to a ghost town in a remote rural setup with an abandoned temple. I remember exploring this temple alone and noticing that the whole place was full of an ancient carving of snake gods.

As I said above, these snakes must be under the command of a leader snake. And that is what my song ‘Metal to Metal’ is all about. It is a song about a snake charmer.


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