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Days of yore!!!

Remember, the most morally corrupt, morally nasty and morally vile people are the ones who are quick to demand morality. On the seesaw of balance, those who are morally low are the ones concerned about the ‘other side’ not being morally high. Because otherwise, their little ‘game’ is over.

Before the advent of digitally storable photographs on our smartphones, the ceremony of taking pictures happened only on rare occasions. There was no display screen, there was no second shot, there was no delete button, there were no filters, there were no uploads.

And there was this element of ‘luck’ where you would have to pray that the picture you took on the negative didn’t go waste with exposure.

The above pic was that ‘now’ moment during one of the earliest rock-climbing experiences in my life. I was 17 years old and the rock-climbing scene from the movie 'Mission Impossible 2' was very inspiring.

Seventeen… sounds like the kinda age the C for creeps would start keeping an eye on you. (isn’t that illegal?)

The below are the ones during the same time but in different places. Yeah, the ‘baptism by fire’ t-shirt was the thing back then. Kinda looks like my album cover for Virtual Live.

As I said above, the ones morally bust are the ones b**ching about others’ morality. There is a strong reason for that too – I mean, if someone is crying wolf just to appear morally superior, it so often happens that people might never suspect him/her to be that wolf. It's one of the tricks those with the mentality of C for c**k-blocking would often apply.

It reminds me of a quote someone once said –

"To a paedophile, everyone who pats the back of a child would seem like paedophilia.

To a racist, everything coloured black will look racism.

To a criminal, every accomplishment would seem like a crime."

So keep watch, take notes and be vigilant of these C for crazies.

Not to mistake it with someone who honestly would like to teach you about the rights and wrongs of life. I am talking about those who like to belittle you in the hopes of appearing morally superior.

They are not superior, they are the wolf.


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