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War on Good (looking)!!!

The above pic was when I was relaxed in a calm serenity on an island by a yacht, not far from the southern coast of Singapore. One of the best views.

There is a new war happening in this world, proverbial or spiritual – A war on Good (looking). There is a special reason why the (looking) is in brackets. Because by good looking I don’t just mean outer physical attraction but on the deeper spiritual and wholesome level of someone who is ‘Good’ and is doing great in life (looking).

The journey began as I stood on a pier at the Seaport, teeming with boats and ships of all sizes, transferring freight and people of both International and domestic departures.

Leaving the city behind as I sail away

On an isolated (almost) island, away from the city lifestyle, walking barefoot like a nomad, using trees to shelter from the scorching Sun, taking dips in the water whenever, watching ships and ocean liners majestically sail over the horizon, exploring the variety of island topography, eating and drinking by the beach, making friends with cats, and walking in a forest of tall trees, these were my adventures on the island. But of all these things, one routine overpowered all others – seeing several aeroplanes and fighter jets rumbling in the skies.

One of the many planes I saw on the island

The beaches of the beautiful islands.

Every fifteen minutes, I saw F15s thundering like this in the skies. F15 Eagle is one of my favourite fighter jets on the planet and to see them so close and in action made my day.

It was awesome, especially the noise

The year 2020 was unprecedented. That was the year I was planning some of the best changes in my life. Sometimes I feel like it all happened only to rob me of my savings and investments that I had done for 10 years. Like a ‘plan’ to degrade all my hard work. But that’s how most of the people are feeling right now.

Who cares, who am I? There are eight billion people on this planet. It’s not like I am someone important that anyone would plan just to rob me of my hard work and my happily ever after, right?

It was also the year I would have gotten married. A heartbroken girlfriend would know how that feels.

As I said above, there is a war on Good (looking) men/women in the world right now. If you are a person with no morals and swear by the mentality of C for criminal, you are not targeted and allowed to (look) good. If you are simple and ‘good’ by manner and abide by the standard of what good must be, you are not targeted either. But if you are Good (looking) have great charisma, doing great in life, then the war is on you.

Fundamentally, you are allowed to be a villain and you are allowed to be a victim. But no, they don’t want you to be a Superman.

Trees looked like giant legs, almost walking

By the end of this island trip, after reaching the mainland, I was so suntanned that I could have written a book called ’50 shades of going dark under the Sun’. But when you have a crunchie ice cream bar in your mouth and a view of such magnificence at your sight, the evening is what you can call – perfect.

People say power and money are evil. But no, like any resource in the universe, it’s only truthfully evil in the hands of evil people.

So, cheer up. If you are one of those who are fighting in this incorporeal war, then you are Good (looking). ;)


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