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There is a traveller inside everyone; just different purpose.

There are four known elements in nature, and I once thought as I decided that all my travel plans should be hinged upon it.

Fire – the element that extrapolates passion, dynamic and temperamental attitude!!!

Air – the element of action, ideas and motion. They bring the ‘winds of change’!!!

Earth – the element that reminds us to be grounded, humble and down-to-earth!!!

Water – the element of being intuitive, emotional and mysterious as the ocean itself!!!

I have filled my shoes in the sandy deserts, flew a plane with torrents of air gushing and tugging along my body, kneeled on the sea-bed at the bottom of the ocean, hiked through nature on many solo journeys...

From the top of the mountain

I have relaxed on beaches of some of the best coastlines, climbed the top-of-the-world in the Himalayan mountains, ascended some of the world’s tallest urban buildings...

The shadow says it all

I have gone shopping in the most luxurious malls, seen the most exotic supercars speeding the roads. From skin-itching tropical heat to bone-freezing minus temperature, I have let myself experience it...


I have also done some remarkable things that I couldn’t even document with my camera, like the one time when I went parasailing – Me in the air with a parachute, while a boat anchored me with a rope as it sailed me across the sea.

But the more I travel, the more I cognize how little I have seen the world. Travel is never finished.


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