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The most powerful passport!!!

The above is the most powerful passport in the world. Not because the country it represents, not because it belongs to a celebrity, not because it tags along with a politician’s pride, but because it has my name on it.

Ya, I know it sounds a little cocky. But then again, most ‘truth’ is.

Sitting in the backyard of a hostel in Kathmandu, sipping on some hot tea, an American friend asked me –

“You should hike the mountains in California, you will like it. Why haven’t you visited the USA yet?”

And I replied –

“Because I don’t want to make America great again.”

Baffled for a moment, and then a smile came over his face as he understood my joke. But I added –

“America is already great.”

As a genuine and zealous traveller, I do consider that travel is one of the major purposes of my life. And although a small spec, a tiny number who is contributing to the boom of the international travel industry, that’s exactly how I should view my passport as – A powerful one.

Felt blessed to have co-piloted a plane!!!

But then again, as a writer, entrepreneur and an investor, how else would you grasp a ‘world’ that you are meant to rule in your empire of words, business and trade?

In times of aggravated social-justice protests, why isn’t anyone talking about another racism that has been here since for a long time – Passport racism?

While it is a fact that people of all kinds, good or bad, exist in any nation, who came up with this ‘great-divide’ to judge who is what based on their nationality? While talking about a world with no racism, are we silently accepting it in a new form?

Although I have not applied for a visa to the USA yet, there is another country who have disappointed me twice. And just to save further embarrassment to them, and to mention that people who work in the embassy are not Gods but normal people with inclination towards prejudices, I like to add that – “If you are to judge people based on their bank balance, and then you deserve to be judged based on your history and your moral-imbalance.”

A world of nations is still one world!!!

Because the idea that God is the one who will be assessing your visa to heaven is a rather funny thought and principle to live by.

Imagine a nation so ‘great’ up their a**, that they totally forgot who made them great in the first place.

My grandfather travelled the world during World War 2. He would be disappointed today to know that his grandson would have to deal with a world run by people who neither went through the hardships of war nor do they fully take responsibility for the hardships that they pass on to the next generation.

And as a diminutive investor, all I can say is that – “If you want investments to save your country from doom, first learn to respect the pocket you are trying to pick from.”


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