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The four angles of life!!!

Life is a complicated game for most, but can be simplified if tried. Here, in this picture I took in a not-so-crowded Metro station one afternoon, I clearly come to notice the inevitable ‘four angles’ of life – The Pedestal, the Wall, the Roof, and the forward Exit. The Pedestal, the root, shows the fading of darkness and the welcome of light. Although in the middle we can still see slight trails of it still holding on. The Wall, with glass panels, try to show that while we think we live near to the sea and are savoring on a splendorous view, its actually not real. We are seeing it through a glass – a deep interpretation of our modern society seeing everything through a glass (Smartphone, computers, TV) The Roof, the shelter to our dreams, looks dark but also is robust (strong beams holding it). Also notice the two lights signifying ‘ideas’ or creative thinking. The forward Exit, the hope, looks bright, happy and almost like a paradise. Flooded with sunlight, this one looks like ‘reality’ without the glass barricade. It also is well built, well kept and even has stairs with arm support to guide you into bloom. Lastly, but also intriguing, do notice those surveillance cameras. Could be a representation of the ‘Seeing-Eye’, constantly vigilant but also is bowed down in respect and integrity.


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