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The cornerstone!!!

Sitting at the edge of the waterfront, I took this pic of Singapore’s skyline just minutes after dusk. It’s not too much, it’s not too less.

Singapore is one of the best examples of how to grow from a third-world country to a first-world marvel. Being also one of the models for the future of civilization, we all should be thankful that this city exists on this planet. And they achieved this without warmongering, but with a little regulation.

When I stood before Parkview Square, also known as the 'Gotham building'!!!

Although I don’t boast myself as a mammoth of a Billionaire investor yet, I am blessed to have amassed some basic understanding and sharp knowledge in investing.

As an investor who has invested in a few, a portfolio including the ‘power and energy’ sector, I have come to the understanding of both the sides of this segment – The old, reliable but damaging side and the new, uncertain but positive side.

With the climate change aspect looming over the planet in the sudden dash of a few recent years, although questions like “where the hell were you all these years?” arises, the world of the economy seems to be the major target. In that too, the power and energy sector is one of the few who are often labelled as the culprit, along with automobile, plastic production, etc.

Let me break it down to you. No investor, regardless of his good intentions, would invest without the gleaming horizon of profit. That’s the fundamental aspect of investing. Otherwise, it’s called ‘charity’. Also, real life is not a Batman movie. If it was, the ones who made the movie should have offered free tickets at the theatre along with free DVDs, to begin with.

The main entrance to the Gotham building!!!

What most people don’t understand (but can notice) is that the world we live in is not equally balanced. When it comes to the benefitting aspect not one group of community is hesitant of claiming not anything lesser than what it can scoop, but when it comes to shouldering blame and responsibility suddenly the motto “all countries should contribute” slams flat before us.

While it is true for some developed societies, who have already guzzled a good amount of wealth to go forward and adopt the green future, let's not be gullible to not recognize that other developing countries are not only lagging behind at stabilizing their long-due of wealth-income let alone nearing anywhere close to guzzling it.

Knowingly or unknowingly these demands for cutting on emissions, projected as an immediate protocol affecting all the nations ‘equally’ are beginning to seem silly and a bit unfair. And don’t tell me I am the only person who can notice it.

The way I see it, and if it's true that the world is one big family indeed, then this family needs to figure out who is the child, the teenage kid, the adult, the one in his prime and also that old man who cares very little since he has already lived his happy years.

The difference!!!

As an instance, I would prefer that Superpowers like China who are at their peak should consider the time now as the best time to think about a future they are heading. Emerging Superpowers like India while keeping their aim and hopes high, should not lose their ground to realize that there is still more to learn. Retired Superpowers like the United States and the United Kingdom should take up senior responsibility and teach the young ones their skills and offer support while correcting their past mistakes. And other nations still in the dark should be treated as fragile children and should be educated well while guiding them in the direction of hope.

And please, let’s not encourage that ‘retired grandpa’ who still thinks he is a Superpower.

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