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The concept of penKcil t-shirt!!!

The very concept of the ‘Penkcil Fashion’ was born when I was casually shopping for one of my favorite designer brands. Although it’s a known fact that they are of exceptional quality, the prices would have you stranded.

Below are three samples of some of the most affluent designer brand t-shirts on the planet.

You pay for the brand, not just the product!!!

For obvious reasons I have blurred out the brand names, but the price ranges had me enthralled.

The first one goes up to $ 640 (INR 45,497)

The second one being the most expensive goes up to $ 1110 (INR 78,908)

And the third one, of a lower range is at $ 210 (INR 14,929)

A thought sparked in my mind. I saw a vision and followed it as I wanted to create a designer t-shirt that would almost match some of these brands and yet would steer the helm of affordability.

I don’t see them as competition; I see them as inspiration.


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