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The Buffet!!!

Standing amazed at the sight of one of the largest food courts in the world, the above pic was an orientation of being blessed with good food and good buffet. This was in Malaysia where I have tasted one of the best seafood options.

With that said, let me get to my reference here.

Look at the world we are living in right now; it’s a mess. Who are the irresponsible leaders who are supposed to run the world and yet have run it down a slide of bedlam?

For a world with so many arrogant bullies with goddess complex and so many cheats with king complex, the world surely isn’t getting any better. I mean, more than ever before we have so many proclaimed experts from every field who claim to have all the answers, why aren’t they ‘saving the world’? The’hell are they sitting on their bums watching the world go in ashes for?

Oh, wait I think I do know. It’s because these people treat power like a lunch buffet.

With a platter of preeminence, they walk into this buffet with more or less the following attitude –

“Oh look, money, power and sex. I will take some of that.”

“Ew, responsibility; kinda unappetizing. Leave that.”

“Hmmm, my favourite, yummy fame and privilege. Take that.”

“Is that scrutiny? Oh my God, my friend said it’s unhealthy. Leave that.”

“Finally, desserts. Equal pay, rights for people like me, demands, easy nepotism, an illusion of helping the poor and needy, how sweet. I will take all that.”

“Ops almost touched it. Its sacrifice, hard work, getting hands dirty, and forgo of my own wealth, fame and ego for the good of others? Erm, I am not really hungry for that, maybe my assistant will finish that up, it’s her preference. Also hoping that some fool would finish that up for me who is also generous enough to not claim recognition; well at least that’s what we tell ourselves every time we cheat and deny someone else their rights.”

If not anything, there is one thing Spiderman movies have shown me (not taught me). The thing is, more than seeing a ‘hero’ save the world, they want to see a ‘hero’ fall. Because it gives them comfort and rocks-their-boat that after all the hero is not different from them. Which is why they neither get saved nor do they get granted of their wish of seeing a hero fall.

The hero doesn’t fall. Only movies made by C for corrupt show his fall. It’s not reality, but a wishful thought. And some say the world we live in is not reality but fake; makes sense.

There's something genius about a staircase seat!!!

This is also why they want you to go back to old things, old social media posts (ugh facebook), old friends, old relationships and the glory days of which the hero is not so different.

I mean if A, B and C were in a game competition, and the three were at the same score at ‘level 1’, C who is still stuck in that level would want to relive his glory days and ignore the fact that A and B are in ‘level 10’ now and far gone his competition reach. It’s like that annoying ex gf, who still wants to dream her glory days and would want to believe it’s the reality. There is a reason she is an ex.

Funny, how things that ‘should’ have happened in the year 2015 is happening in 2020 (don’t ask me why). I mean, someone has made enough time and room of five years to safeguard all their friends and buddies before unleashing a global panic. The ‘Act of God’ doesn’t need 5 years. It’s almost as if they hate the year 2020. Because even they know, ‘number two’ is always better than ‘number one’.

The world is burning, drowning and dying but they want you sedated and hooked on someone's old facebook posts?

Also, these goddesses and kings are dealing with ‘tough times’ now because – “Oh, look, some unknown, unrecognized hero is not doing his ‘usual’ errand so that we can run the final victory lap and claim it as our success; how irresponsible.”

Even these innocent people are not so innocent as they would idolize these very goddesses and kings but expect some ‘nobody’ to do something for them.

Right, right, they don’t want you, they want your idea?

You won’t get it this time.

Shut the F up and go do your ‘jobs’ that you have agreed and paid for you uncivilized animals in fancy suits. Or not far now your fantasy temples and palaces will be torched by those who you think are your slaves.

And lastly – vote wisely.

Because you do it once, it’s a mistake. But if you do it again, it’s a habit.

Oh, but some say even the election system is rigged. God, the world is screwed.


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