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Statue of Unity...

The story begins as my quest to conquer all that is tall began. I have so far, with humble gratefulness towards everything the universe provides me, have seen the tallest buildings, biggest mountains, greatest structures, widest roads, stretching malls, deepest sea, colourful landscapes, highest viewpoints, driest deserts, isolated wilderness, opulent architectures, and pristine urban infrastructures. I have also tried to study the maximum human intelligence to the minimum of human ignorance.

This time, I ascended the tallest statue in the world…

Far from it, yet so grandiose!!!

Gloomy, cloudy, misty the weather, but worth the poise!!!

Well maintained, occasionally could hear the JCB noise!!!

View from the top. River Narmada and the tallest statue in the world at its size!!! (Wow)

A body; a machine!!!

The skeleton inside holding the structure; looks like a nuclear fusion lab!!!

(Btw they call it the Iron Man of India)

Feet of unity!!!

(Just to scale, the one stitch on the sandal is bigger than my forearm)

One India, great India!!!

And to be able to spot the silhouette of the statue from a far distance, even before I reached the destination, I agree it is indeed a great feat of engineering; the one that captivated me. But to place the biggest statue the world has ever seen, supposedly twice the height of the 'Statue of Liberty', I felt the struggle to reach it was a bit fatiguing. Hopefully, the facilities will improve.

Because as I left this great statue behind, I felt as I sensed a silent sentiment of a tall man standing ‘lonely’ in the middle of nowhere while calling himself the Statue of Unity.

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