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Space March!!!

Looking sporty with blue shades, this was a selfie I remember taking inside of an aeroplane hangar.

The first time I co-piloted an aeroplane for a short flight, I felt a loathing when I got back inside a car afterwards. That makes me wonder – Would I feel the same about aeroplanes if in the future I get behind the controls of a Spaceship?

As farfetched as it may seem, that was exactly what inspired me when I produced the shortest song in the album – Space March.

Any keen musician would notice that the drumming in this song is basic yet the hardest. A drummer would identify that the whole song is played with a double bass, which would demand the stamina and agility of the legs of an athlete.

The idea was to literally ‘march’ your legs on the double bass pedal. Thankfully I have put my blessed Hi-Tech support to achieve it. It’s not that easy on real drums, try it!


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