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Remember in December...!!!

After enduring one of the most unprecedented years in 2020, the above pics were during my little shopping time on Christmas Eve.

Remember, this was the month my song ‘Remember’ had just been released. I want to share a little magical experience I encountered throughout that month.

On Christmas Eve (2020)!!!

Just weeks after my song was released, a little adventure on one cold winter morning was my thing. Cold is an understatement for what I witnessed. I mean, I know I have survived minus 20 degrees, in 18000 feet altitude, in one of the most isolated alpine ranges in the Himalayas before, but this was unprepared.

I did not expect to be riding a highway with fog and mist almost swimming over the asphalt, that too in Bangalore, India.

The fog was magical!!!

Maybe that is the beautiful magic of December. It was almost like I had met a Snowman.

Numb fingers and little cold crystal drops on my jacket!!!

Speaking of magic, did you know the word ‘Remember’ sounds similar to the word ‘December’? There were a dozen of things that inspired me to compose this music. Like – Mufasa’s voice majestically roaring “Remember” in The Lion King movie, or the fact that everyone had so much to remember from the past since the lockdown. Some of my listeners also postulate that the melody in the song gave them the ‘flute’ vibe that Lord Krishna would play. After all, a few know the connection between ‘Krishna Mass’ and ‘Christmas’.

Jesus alike Krishna???

Christmas/ Krstamass???

With that said, here is a fan-made Christmas edit of my song Remember that I think is beautifully made.


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