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Remember by Rish Rathna!!!

Remember - Just one word, but powerful enough.

Remember music video!!!

Let me put it this way. There is a reason Batman (with horns) is more popular than Superman (all-powerful) these days, although we all know who the original superhero is. There is a reason we are told not to use BC and AD anymore (so backwards), but insist that we must trust an even older religion (wow, progress). There is a reason even in a developing country like India, glorifying Shiva is gaining popularity against Vishnu and his avatars.

I am not saying they are all related. I am just saying… they are all happening right now at the same time.

The idea is that – Superman can any day become Batman, it’s easy. But Batman can never become Superman.

So remember, stop comparing.

Btw, below is a screenshot of my song Remember making it to the top, on the first week of its release. I need just a few million or billion dollars to keep it there for more time. Wish I had more money than talent too, life would be fair. :)

My song on Spoti (If only I had a million dollars to promote) fy.

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