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Queen’s seat!!!

Wonderfully engineered and crafted with red sandstone, I am short of words to express this ancient structure’s magnificence. Yet, I can think of a word – ‘Great’, as I understand why the Emperor who built this place was called ‘Akbar the Great’.

Although a Mughal Emperor of the Islam faith, did you know Akbar extracted the best principles from all religions of the world and applied them to his kingdom? He promoted tolerance and unity even before it became a hippie fad.

The above pic was that moment when I stood at the gate, before entering the grand palace.

When I sat on the Queen’s seat!!!

Making good use of the bright sunshine, giving depth to the shadows and sharpness to the highlights, I spent time as I imagined the ancient life that must have been in these large (very large) courtyards.

The Fort!!!

Oh ya, and of course. When you have a granddad like Akbar the Great, the grandson might also end up building something evermore (much more) grandeur.

No need to 'wonder' what this is!!!


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