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Ok Boomer!!!

This pic was taken during my visit to a beautiful underwater tunnel.

Just look at the blessed place I am standing at. An oceanic atmosphere above and around, with just a hi-tech glass separating the marine life from the place I stood; worthy of going ‘WOW’ right?

Yet I am giving the – “Either I am really excited, or I’m just giving the finger” look, why? Because during this unique trip I was accompanied by a bunch of ‘Boomers’ in my travel group who were not only failures at appreciating little things in life, but also drained my happy mood.

Here is a pic of some beautiful jellyfishes I took in this underwater world!!!

Remember this Quote –

“Difficult times create strong men, strong men create comfortable times, comfortable times create weak men, and weak men create difficult times.”

As an analogy, the same goes for women, because today we live in a generation of equal rights. Also, the word ‘weak’ does not have to settle into the mind frame for the physically, but mentally.

The Baby Boomer Generation is peculiarly interesting if you had to study a mass of proud and arrogant grouping. They are the generation who think they are always right, the generation who brought the planet to the brink of climate emergency, the generation of mostly half-knowledge, and also as some would say – the generation who ruined Christmas.

Let me put it this way – Any generation who claims themselves as the ‘best generation’, and belittles the preceding generation and the following generation is a red flag. The only reason I am talking about this is because no one else is doing it.

Btw, the preceding generation (the World War 1 and 2 generation) were actually called the ‘greatest generation’, something we don’t hear it these days. I wonder why?

I would call the Baby Boomer generation the ‘cupcake’ generation. You know, the ones who got to eat and enjoy the treat made by the previous ones and also expect the next generation to make a new one for them?

As an instance, you can’t expect a person who sat at the dining table and finished the entire cake himself/herself to understand the efforts the person who took hours to cook it went through. Not to mention the next ones who are welcomed to a very messy kitchen and also an empty plate, who may now have to go out to the supermarket to shop and cook a new cake.

And to make themselves look even denser, imagine this person who just finished a whole cake claims himself as the ‘best’ person for he ate the cake so easily from the plate with fork and knife and didn’t dirty his hands. He would also further belittle the person who cooked it as a foolish imbecile who doesn’t know how to sit at the table and eat like a moron. And he would also belittle the person who walked in as foolish too for he is going out to the supermarket, wasting time to prepare a new cake. Also not to mention the kitchen mess the next person will have to deal with.

The ‘comfortable’ generation claiming themselves as the ‘best’ generation is in not dissimilar to a person who is so ‘weak’ that he cannot even be told how lost he is.

And to think that most of these people hold prominent positions of power and authority in the world today gives us a hint as to why we have to deal with the ‘mess’ that has been left behind.

So, let’s just not take them seriously at all, especially when they say silly things like World War 3 or some fabricated 'peace'. For they have been fed with selfish brainwashing things like "War equals Peace", or "my jubilation is your chaos". Because as I mentioned above, this could be their ‘go to the supermarket and cook me a new cake’ attitude.

Instead, just say – “Ok Boomer” and continue doing what you have to do.


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