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Lord Girish Rathna!!!

Did you know? Recently, I legally and officially became a Lord of Scotland?

In all virtue of the Universe’s blessing, with a little dedication and a little hard-earned money, I recently became an owner of a tiny (very tiny) piece of land in the hinterland of one of the most well kept natural terra-firma in the world.

Thus, by doing so, I can literally change my name to Lord Girish Rathna on my passport, driving license or any other certificate if I want.

Now, it is not a huge land where I can go build a castle and live with my girlfriend happily ever after. Converse to that, one of the main purposes of this land is to preserve and conserve the natural landscape of Scotland for future generations. Maybe that is why it is fitting to know that my tiny land is only sufficiently big enough for a tree to stand tall.

All these beautiful landscapes we see in movies like Harry Potter deserve preserving!!!

Becoming a Lord of Britain by the age of 36; not bad.


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