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It's a Wonderful Lie!!!

The problem with lies in movies is not those few hours you have to bear it while watching, but it’s that brainwashing you may have to deal with afterwards.

Proclaimed as one of the greatest Christmas classics, the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is still considered a positive story about the victory of good over evil. You may know this movie from that scene in ‘Home Alone’ where it is being played on the TV in their relative’s house in Paris.

But the purpose of my post is to show that this story is a lie and that it is in fact just a crooked perception of what a ‘wonderful life’ must be according to people like Potter, the villain in the movie.

Sometimes, one pic can explain everything!!!

The same malicious Potter who created all the mess is also shown as the sweet and nice Clarence who comes to rescue. Looks to me like a manipulative plot to get some wings.

The reason they will say this is a perfect Christmas movie is the same reason why we walk into a church today and see an image of Jesus Christ on the cross in pain and agony, and not as someone happy, smiling and sitting comfortably as a teacher teaching his disciples. Or even better - as a 'King' on his throne.

I am not religious, but even I know that ‘fallen angels’ are corrupt souls mentioned in the Bible who were banished from heaven and are ‘fallen’ on Earth to repent their sins before getting any wings to go back to heaven. And I also know that the only person who gets ‘sent’ from the heavens is the ‘Son of God’ and not some fallen one. Mahn, looks like Hollywood’s syndrome is not new after all.

The Fallen Angel!!!

Because you see, they want the world to believe that it’s fine for the ‘good guy’ to be in pain, to not get what he wanted, to be sidelined by those who are in no way comparable to his greatness, to be someone who fulfills the wishes of his near and dear ones and everyone else, but never his own. This is the kinda bulls**t that people tell if they wanted to manipulate you into believing that it’s OK to be the ‘bad guy’.

I mean, George Bailey, the main character in the movie, who is visibly the wisest person in the story, placing himself above any other character for being selfless, noble and also giving is somehow portrayed as a ludicrous dreamer who gets failed at every step of his life for being ‘good’. This, to me, almost looks like a subtle warning they are sending to any would-be ‘good’ person as to say – “Don’t be good, or you won't get what you want in life.”

Not to mention the woman he marries. Gosh, he already knew as a single man what most men realize after suffering years of marriage. Yet, he is the foolish short-tempered fella with no direction in life, who gets saved by his calm and benevolent wife. Hahahaha. There you go, another red flag – “It’s ok to squash your dreams of being a single happy world traveller for a wife who would want to trap you in a house for a life she wished and wanted.”

I mean imagine if there was a parallel universe to this movie, where George travelled the world, got blessed with everything he wanted for being ‘good’, and also fulfilled his father’s wish to also succeed in his business and become the richest man and also found a woman who actually would rather travel with him instead of trapping him in a house?

Maybe that is the actual reality, and the movie is the parallel universe. So which one would you choose? The reality or parallel reality?

Happy Jesus!!!

The truth is, you could be a victim of injustice and still be victorious because the power of the universe is greater than any scum with horns. But that victory doesn’t equate to the victim getting justice as to conclude – “It’s all fine now.”

No, it's not. Not yet, not until justice.

Contrast to that, you could be a love child of influence and nepotism and still end up a loser because again, the universe is greater than any force. That loss does not equate to the fact that injustice is still a crime as to say – “Karma did its work.”

Well karma did its work, but what about you?

Because if you are one of those who think the above-mentioned duality is impossible, then you are part of the problem.


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