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Himalayan Traverse!!!

The above pic was taken during one of the most contemplative moments of my traverse in the Himalayas. It was one of those places where I was left alone with nature. It was a pensive instance where you feel blessed with no particular emotion; not happy, not sad, not excited, not dull, but just feeling the ‘now’.

As though the Universe was saying – “Feel me; f**k everything else.”

My photography skills, to capture the essence.

The song ‘Himalayan Traverse’ melodiously illustrates the entire timeline of the journey.

Readers who have read my ‘Himalayan Adventure’ blog posts will enjoy this song even better.

Here is the synopsis.

The rhythmic bass at 0:02 like the approaching flight before touchdown!!!

The dual beats at 0:14 like the first steps I took in the airport!!!

The harmonic tune at 0:20 reminding the ambience of the Kathmandu city!!!

The drum progress at 0:34 to match the first bus I took on the highway!!!

The volume pickup at 0:41 to match the second bus I took towards the mountains!!!

The tech cadence at 0:47 to match the third bus (a retro bus) I took with friends!!!

The power guitar starts at 0:55 to show my first glimpse of the mountains!!!

The power guitar progresses at 1:11 to highlight the heights I was conquering!!!

The pause at 1:29 to denote the relaxing hiatus with the British and the Swedish!!!

The heavy guitar at 1:49 like the first snow-peaked mountain and the Tibet culture!!!

The adding of high notes at 1:59 to signify the higher peaks now visible!!!

The drum roll at 2:24 when I visited the monastery!!!

The drum roll with the pace at 2:31 for the short jeep ride I took!!!

The drum roll drops at 2:39 to recall the altitude mountain sickness scare!!!

The return of the instruments at 2:41 to emphasize the revival!!!

The return of the power guitar at 2:48 to show that I am back on the mountains!!!

The relaxing of the power at 3:01 to recall the good times in the tea house with friends!!!

The high notes again at 3:17 to highlight my strenuous hike towards the Thorung La Pass!!!

More power guitar at 3:22 for the victory pace when I reached the Thorung La Pass!!!

Sudden drum roll at 3:30 to narrate my struggle through the evil cloud!!!

The return of the power guitar at 3:42 for my success at making it and my bus journey forward!!!

The distant riff at 3:53 to finish the journey at Pokhara with the distant view of the peaks!!!

The complete silence at 3:58 for the return of calm at the Monkey Temple!!!


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