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Hardships are equal!!!

Hardships are equal for all, but how you deal with it need not have to be equal.

Almost collapsed here due to exhaustion and the steep incline

You know what, the Devil is actually a whining little c**t.

Here is a little drama. ;) :D

Devil –

“I have been through a lot. This, this and that happened to me. So, I am entitled to hate God. But I will also let religion be, because it’s good business.”

“Remember my huge followers, because this, this and that has happened to me, because I was a selfish, manipulating, covetous prick, I am allowed to hate God.”

“Followers, since this, this and that happened to me, you also should hate God for this, this and that he did to me.”

“And remember followers, all I have is some good looks, money, temptation and lies to keep you idiots in control, so don’t ever believe for a second that God is proficient of good looks, riches or any wishes that you can dream of.”

“I mean, it is kinda my job to make you people think that God is weak, a failure, not good-looking, not divine and, and, aaaand my personal favorite – he is dead (even though all these are lies).”

Meanwhile, God –

Sends his own son ‘down to earth’ and says.

“My own son went through all the things that you are whining about (maybe more) and still rose above surface. So, stfu you whining b***h.”

The end.


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