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Hard Rock at the Taj Mahal...!!!

Although the above pic may seem like a regular ‘tourist photo’ taken at the Taj Mahal, this one has an intense backstory.

Travelling in a train for more than 2 days, I was surprised when I saw the skies of Agra dotted with paratroopers parachuting from planes as I neared the railway station. I later came to realize that one of the largest military airbases of the Indian Air Force was close by. This eventually became an inspiration for a snippet in my book — The Ein Stein S.O.S.

Of all the things I witnessed at this wonder of the world, the most interesting aspect for me was the symmetry of the design. Which is why in the above pic, I have tried to put myself exactly in synchronization to the beautiful ancient construction behind to match its symmetry.

Where mirrored the mahal!!! (Readers who have read my book would understand)


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