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Game Fête!!!

Video games are my favourite. Prince of Persia and PacMan on antique 90s DOS computers in my school were my first. And they were never boring.

More than 2 decades later I am still a big fan (sorta) of game consoles. Because while Hollywood is the initiator, we all know that Netflix series and video games have now become this little dark alleyway where ‘sequel syndrome’ is hiding in the hopes that no one will find it.

Immersed in a game, the above pic was me playing the then newly arrived Xbox 360 in Abu Dhabi, while the Sony PlayStation I own back home was sitting idle. Yeah, I have been there, done that.

But unlike computers, when playing on consoles, one of the things I like doing is playing music as a background. Multitasking as I did, I always tried to match the actions of the character in-game with the music I was listening. Like – jumping when the drum beats, sauntering when the song is mellow, and also shooting the gun to match the song tempo.

This was basically my ‘game within a game’. And that was my motivation behind producing the song Game Fete.

Maybe it’s a perfect coincident that the song Game Fete and Dream Prayer have the same track length. Because if one is the prayer, the other is the blessed gift. It’s like the second coming of a legend.

This was when I stood before a 20 foot robot with real-life game mode features!!!

Some say life is a game. But if it is, then I would like to think that some people have set their settings ‘too easy’ as they entered the game.

Because if there is ever a return of the Messiah, I am sure he is starting the game at ‘high’ difficulty but rise above, break out of it, and still beat everyone with the highest score. After all, it is only fair to get more scores for higher difficulty. It's like –

Born in a palace - easy. Born in a first world country – normal. Born in third world society – hard. Nepotism – easy. Friends and family – normal. Alone – hard. Socially invisible – easy. Fame and popularity – normal. Snoopers – hard.

Perhaps why this particular song has the highest number of instruments used in any song in the album. Not to mention some invented sound effects that literally ‘only’ I know how to create. It would be a song that might play at a party, or after-party that the Legend and his cohorts would gather for.

Finally, my gaming skills came into magnificent utilize. Or as the French would say – “magnifique’.


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