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First Album!!!

Technically speaking, ‘Havoc’ was my first music album, recorded on a cassette tape in the early 2000s. I was in my late teens.


The above pic is the ‘Master Copy’ of the album that is still with me, safely preserved inside a box, along with other timeless original cassettes like ‘Invincible - Michael Jackson’ and ‘Nobody’s Perfect – Deep Purple’.


The album was called ‘Havoc – Every Bit is Pure Music’. It was an instrumental album recorded using an old Sony tape recorder (for line-in recording), my first keyboard (played live) and my first desktop computer (to create an inlay card). Only two copies were ever made – The ‘master’ and another a ‘copy’. I don’t even remember where the other copy is now. Mostly circulated among my friends, it’s a lost copy that might still be in some old cupboard somewhere.

It was not a published album, but I had then made a promise that if and when I release my first music album in the future it would be an instrumental; hence my first album – ‘See Hear Speak No Evil’.


The cassette case might have been heavily scratched, losing its lustre and shine, but the cassette is in mint condition.


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