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Christmas Eve!!!

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is that he doesn’t exist. – Unknown

Tomorrow is Christmas. What should be special for you and me and everyone?

I don’t know, but there is someone who is trying really very hard to discredit the name of Jesus Christ in recent times.

We live in a world where we have been told that we must no longer use BC and AD for date records. Someone is telling us that BCE and CE are better. They can’t stand the term ‘Before Christ’. Although they claim that Jesus Christ was a fictional character, somehow they are so affected by him.

We live in a world were a fictional super-character like Harry Potter, who we know is as real as the castle of Hogwarts, is being admired more than another so-called fictional character Jesus Christ.

I am not a fan of religion, but all I know about Jesus Christ is that he represents good, joy, hope, love, comfort, kindness, positivity, happiness and also truth. But somehow, someone somewhere has a problem with this. I don’t know who.

I don’t have a problem with a fictional character promoting good, ‘you’ don’t have a problem with a fictional character promoting good, then who is creating this up-rise against Jesus Christ with so much fear and hate?

The biggest weapon the devil holds – Lies

The second biggest weapon the devil holds – Believer of lies

The devil and his followers would say he is him, and him is he. They would say that Jesus never existed, that Jesus was the problem, that Jesus was the villain, that he is not even a man let alone God, that he can never save anyone, that he doesn’t deserve recognition, that his followers should abandon him, that he is weak, that he doesn’t deserve the crown, they would even say that a b***h is better than Jesus Christ. Wow, all that hate over a ‘fictional’ character?

The way I see it, the person who has created the up-rise against Jesus Christ must have been the first person to recognize that may be he is back. His presence must mean their end. They fear him, they fear that ‘fictional’ character that they themselves claim doesn’t exist. But, why do ‘you’ fear?

So, Merry Christmas!

Clue – I am not religious, but I defend that fictional character Jesus Christ. That’s your clue.


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