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Can you find it???

Coming from a background of designing, and now after ten recorded songs since 2020, I can quite confidently say that I understand the importance of blending both.

The above image is the actual panorama created for the song ‘Midnight’. But the music industry’s procedure of using a ‘square’ image forced me to emit the sides.

As you can notice, with it, the picture looks more like a theatre stage with the curtains pulled aside and a show happening in-between.

And as mentioned above, understanding the difference between an Instagram picture and a music Artwork is not that hard for me. For I believe that an artwork should immerse one into the story the particular song is telling.

With that said, it is time for me to reveal ‘some’ of the many messages, or ‘easter eggs’ in this artwork.

Compared to my other works, the artwork for Midnight has the most if not an endless number of clues that my fans are free to explore. I will only decode a few obvious ones.

Lettering –

Did you know that the lettering of the word ‘MIDNIGHT’ has a deeper portrayal of the clock, shifting one letter for each hour from 5 pm (the letter ‘M’), 6 pm (the letter ‘I’), 7 pm (the letter ‘D’), 8 pm (the letter ‘N’), 9 pm (the letter ‘I’), 10 pm (the letter ‘G’), 11 pm (the letter ‘H’), all the way to ‘T’ to symbolize the struck of midnight at 12 am?

This could also be the reason why the ‘M’ is the only letter lit brightly to symbolize the sunlight still visible at this hour. Also, the M is the first letter for the word morning, while T is the last letter for the word night.

There are still a zillion things I can tell about this lettering alone, but where is the fun in revealing everything?

The faces –

Regardless of having my ‘face’, the 4 doppelgangers and not me, but just anybody or everybody who is borrowing my identity under the pretence of me. As in to say that people who are to the right or the left, good or bad, above or below, men or women, west or east, old or young, rich or poor, celebrity or a nobody, intelligent or a fool, Godly or devilish, just because you put on my ‘face’, use my words, convey my thoughts, mimic my deeds, or represent my views, won't transform you into me. For all you would appear are 'zombies' with masks.

Like they say - If everybody is you, then nobody is you.

There is only ‘one’ me and that too is also in the artwork. Just that, it’s not a face at all.

You see everything in this artwork is a distraction, for there is only one truth somewhere.

Can you find it?


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