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Autopilot is defined as - A system used to control the path of an aircraft, marine craft or spacecraft without requiring constant manual control by a human operator.

But… In psychology - A state of mind in which one acts without conscious intention or awareness of present-moment sensory perception.

I have tried to project the above definitions in my new song ‘Autopilot’.


Also, the artwork for the song, speaks of many things both from the autopilot system used for navigation and the psychology of the human mind.

Notice the colours used in the centre – Black & White with golden highlights. A took inspiration from the actual uniform that most commercial pilots wear. Also, the strip itself looks like a runway.

The radar inside the letter “O”, the aeroplane icon and the artist's name embody philosophical or spiritual references to it, which I will leave untold for listeners to explore themselves. I don’t want to steal away the process and the joy of finding their spiritual meaning in my artwork.

However, revealed will be that the nine letters of the “AUTOPILOT” sorta is ingenuity to portray it as our Solar System in deep space.

“But, but, but… there are only eight planets. Pluto is no longer a planet dumbass. Also, your radar is on Mars and not Earth”. – every smart person on the internet.

Lol, in that case, maybe “A” is actually the Sun, the prime mass of the Solar System, which brings the radar to Earth. Or maybe “A” is Mercury and the radar is still on Mars. One of the two. Who knows? ;)

Music Video for Autopilot!!!


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