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The Universe is roughly 14 billion years old. Our Sun is around 4.6 billion years old. Our home planet Earth is like 4.5 billion years old. And the cave I am standing in the above pic is 150 million years old.

Make no mistake. Although still, a baby compared to the universe, this is before anything we ever know about anything about humans on Earth. It’s even before the dinosaurs. Now tell me, won't you agree that I, just 35 years old (31 during the pic) and it’s a blessing to stand in a cosmic creation that old?

I felt surreal standing with my chin up to this view!!!

Creation stories always fascinate me and in my pursuit to learn more I ended up creating a song about it. The song Arrival is a form of creation itself. This is the first song I produced, but it later led me to finish the entire album.

Which is why I consider it my personal favourite number 1 above all.

Imagine touching and walking an Earth formation from the times of the dinosaurs!!!

The first human life on Earth was found in Africa. The African continent with its rich beauty is indeed an inspiration for this song as you notice that I have blended tribal drums with Hi-Tech sound effects. As to imply that some Hi-Tech powers somehow found the ethnic African wasteland amusing, celebrating and perfect for its creation.

Also, I was intending a fabulous music video production for this particular song. But I think I must add that I am yet to find a movie director worthy of understanding it or making it. Conceivably, as I hope I am wrong, I think there is no one on this planet.

So, for now, let’s leave it to our imagination.


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