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Alkaloids... the cure???

Plants evolve and develop chemicals to protect themselves against predators. These natural active compounds, such as alkaloids and steroids are safe when prescribed in proper dosage. They form the basis of new pharmaceutical drugs and natural ingredients for cosmetics.

A compound isolated from the dried fruits and twigs of a Calophyllum species in Sarawak was found to have anti-AIDS properties. Phew!

I took the above pic when I was hiking deep into a reservoir patch of a well-preserved Rainforest. It seemed to me like an open school with pages of science knowledge placed like little puzzles everywhere. Of the many, I brushed through, was this secret for fighting AIDS.

I wonder, could this help fight the COVID-19 virus that the world is still embroiled with? Last week, I have sent emails to some of the most reputed research labs across the world about this.

Blessed among nature, with a patch of Rainforest in the background!!!

Because hopefully, it will help in some way and eventually contribute to the healing of the world. Or maybe I should just patent this pic and the words in it, sell it to the highest bidder in the pharmaceutical market and become a billionaire by next month. Hmm… tough choice.

And then again, since I am wearing a sweatshirt with the Union Jack print on it, it will be later promoted as an idea from a British ‘woman’ who saved the world.

Gosh, I am done with this gobbledygook.


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