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A story of a Miracle!!!

The movie The Lion King (1994) is a miracle. I will explain how.

Trust me when the movie came out when everyone was gloating their attendance to the theatres to have watched this epic movie, I hated it. I felt it was too mediocre. I was more into TV series like the Swat Kats, He-Man, G.I. Joe, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

It’s obvious as the Sun and the Moon aren’t they? You can’t make a deal with Scar and expect the Lion King to come and save you…

Bad is the new good? We will see...

A world ruled by Scar and his hyenas will, as it should, look different from that of which ruled by the Lion King. Yes, yes, we are all free to make our choices in life, I know; an inclusive society teaches us this. But that’s exactly the point.

Beware of Scar and his hyenas… even in their hour of defeat, they would spread lies. It’s like in the movie when Simba with the force of his father Mufasa becomes the new Lion King. Beware of those who confuse you that Simba ‘is’ Mufasa. The Son is not the Father. But the Son can become ‘like’ his Father. There is a difference.

I mean, Marty McFly and George McFly in the 'Back to the Future' franchise was clear to us. They are two different people. Why is it so difficult with Simba and Mufasa? Oh, may be its because Hollywood don't like the 'way cooler' Marty McFly who outran his own dad.

And just like any good father would hope, wish and also bless his child to excel more than he did, go further than he did, I am tiny, shiny little sure that Mufasa not only wanted Simba to become like him but also become something more. In other words - the movie 'The Lion King' is not 100% perfect.

Haha, imagine the agonize on Scar’s face when he realized that the new Lion King is 'unpredictable' unlike his father who was predictable, and that he is not only like his father which he should, but also learnt from him and mastered his own game which now he could.

And that my friends, is a miracle!!!

P.S. Let’s just pretend that all the other Lion King movies that came later do not exist in this world. Thank You.


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