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F 22...!!!

The story about this picture is simple –

I had a bunch of regular office papers like this…

And in 3 days, I turned it into this…

This is not origami, its paper engineering. The air intakes actually work

Known as one of the most advanced fighter-jets available on the planet right now, the ‘F 22 Raptor’ of the United States Air Force is also my personal favorite.

But people who know me closely know that creating fighter-jet models out of papers had been my childhood talent. I once created a Mig-29 when I was 15. In a pursuit to test my aptitude and to check if my creative juices are still able, I undertook this task. For me, it’s a great mind-advancing activity.

Although now I fly in real planes, I dedicated 3 long days to push myself into buoyancy as to create one of my favorite air machines out of normal paper.

And yes, the paint job is another level. I used metallic fabric paint to bring in the realistic look; it looks almost like aluminum.


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